Warehouse Foreman/Lead

Warehouse Foreman/Lead

【Main Duties】

・Assistant for warehouse supervisors, inventory control and labor management

【Detailed Descriptions】

  1. Receive raw materials packaging materials, etc., print and place inventory control labels
  2. Prepare raw materials for production, according to production plans
  3. Prepare and ship final products
  4. Control inventory and manage schedules for workers
  5. Conduct physical inventory
  6. Transfer items between the main manufacturing facility and remote warehouses with a truck
  7. Clean and organize the warehouses
  8. 【Other】 As assigned by supervisors and management.

【Qualifications and Skills Required】

  1. Warehouse work/management experience (Minimum 1 year)
  2. Perform work as instructed, lead subordinates
  3. Ability to operate equipment load/unload/stock/pull materials neatly and safely (Class C driver license, operating certificate for forklifts, etc.)
  4. Implement and update safety rules
  5. Language: English (native/business conversational) and Japanese (conversational) – instructions/orders from management includes Japanese documents
  6. Ability to effectively communicate with other departments/teams as a team player
  7. Repeatedly lift and carry items weighing 40~50 Lbs.
  8. Basic calculations skills
  9. Flexibly assign and manage employees and their time schedules

【Location】       Santa Fe Springs

【Work Hours】  Mon. – Fri., 06:00 – 15:00 or 08:30 – 17:30, plus overtime

【Report to: 】    Warehouse Supervisor and/or Production Manager

【Salary/Wage】 $24/hr. or DOE (Nonexempt)

【Benefits】        Medical, Dental, Vision (100% Company paid)

                            Paid Vacation