Private Branding

Private Branding

We are capable of customizing production of your Private Brand to help you simplify multi-branch operations and to continue providing consistent flavor to your customers day in and day out. 


1. WAKOU USA Products and Packaging

  • Ramen Soup Base
  • Other Seasonings and Sauces in addition to Ramen


  • Standing Aluminum Pouch (1kg and 2kg)
  • Portion size Mini Pouches (30g-100g)
2.  Customized production of your Private Brand with
Minimum Batch Size

  • Ramen Soup Bases ( Other Seasonings and Sauces ) start at 250kg
3.  Benefits of Private Brand production
  • Customized products according to   “YOUR” Recipe and Specifications
  • Consistent Flavor with Quality Assurance and Control
  • Simplify Multi-Branch Operations